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Teaching Guide

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So you've reach the level to be a teacher, huh? Well here's how it happens!
  • When the class begins, if the job is free then become to teacher for it.
  • You must then advert the time it begins "/advert Class begins at 450 seconds". Anywhere between 400-500 seconds is fine.
  • When the class are in, you can activate PTS (permission to speak). Any students that do not do /me raises hand to speak can be sent to detention.
  • If you require a prefect, please do "/advert Prefect needed for lesson"
  • If students mess around, break PTS, leave an active class, freespell etc. you can get them to send the student to detention.
  • When the class has 180 seconds or less left, you can then issue books. DADA, Charms, and Wizardy have spell books (specific to their class) and students can received 1 spell per class. Transfiguration, History of Magic, Herbology, Divination, and Astronomy have homework books (xp). Each student can only receive one homework per class.
  • You may then dismiss the class.
  • Once the lesson has ended, be sure to stay at the teacher until the end of the class! If you change jobs, you will not get the teaching XP!
  • Quidditch, Great Hall, Duelling Club, and Free Time do not have any books.
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