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Staff Team Application

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Want to apply to be staff? Interested in helping the server grow into a community that is fun and fair for everyone? Then create an application using the format below and we'll review it and get in touch!

In-Game Name:
Are you Year 7? (If not, do not apply):
Have you been staff on a server before? If yes, please list them and what your rank was:
Provide a definiton of what RDM is and how it occurs:
Provide a definition of what Metagaming is:
Provide an example of FailRP:
Provide a definition of Freespelling:
Why do you want to be staff on the server? (50 words minimum):
Do you have a mic?:
Do you have any previous warnings? If so, why?:
Do you understand we are looking for active staff and you may be dropped if your activity is low?:
Any extra information you would like to give?:
word count: 152