19th January - Job Changes and Rule Adjustments!

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19th January - Job Changes and Rule Adjustments!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the first proper announcement on the forums! Exciting stuff, I know! Today I've implemented some changes I have been working on!

Rules/Lore Compendium
Something that has been requested is a compendium of more details to the rules, the jobs, the lore etc. to ensure players are fully aware of anything they need to be, and that there's a reference for anything they need to know. I have started working on compiling a compendium (with a special shout out to Dionysus Peverell for his help in this) which I aim to make available in the coming weeks! If you have any suggestions on things to add, things that need clarifying etc. then please send me a DM on Discord.

Job Role Changes
With the exception of custom jobs that were still active, Rogue Wizards as a job role have been removed. The Rogue Wizard VIP job has been removed, as have the inactive roles. In place of this, we now have Independent Forces. The reason for doing this is because Rogues had a lot of power to do whatever they wanted and it was hard to limit this to a fair way for all. It was also difficult to understand which side they were aligned with, especially during Lock Downs.

Independent Forces are neutral roles, with no alliance to either Light or Dark Forces. They either go it alone or ally with other Independents. However, during a Lock Down, an Independent Force is on their own. They cannot ally with anyone and must fight to defend themselves. But yes, this also means they are free to attack anyone they want to. This opens the role itself up for some more fun.

Magical Creatures have now been classified as Wilds (which can include Witches/Wizards/Others who may choose to live on the wilder side), these act similarly to Independent's and can roam around and do what they like (except active classes that aren't Care of Magical Creatures). During a Lock Down, they are classified as an Independent and can attack anyone.

With these changes, please be sure to read the updated rule set to be familiar with all their rules. In the coming weeks, the spells which Independents and Wilds receive are likely to change to suit the new roles better. An announcement will be made when this happen but they will be good changes!

Custom Whitelist Jobs
Another thing that has been asked for recently is whitelisting to custom jobs. This is something we've thought about in the past but hadn't yet implemented. We now have a range of jobs which, for a small donation, can allow you to be whitelisted to. This is a less expensive alternative to a custom job whilst getting another unique RP character. Upon reviewing the jobs, it came to my attention that multiple custom jobs had been inactive for a long time and therefore, these jobs have been added to the Custom Whitelist Jobs to get some more use from them. The original owners still have access to these, it is simply that other players can also be added to ensure we don't have jobs that will not get used.

Please DM me if you would like to be whitelisted to one of the jobs. They can be seen within the server's F4 menu currently. More unique jobs will be added as time passes.

We're currently hiring staff! Although we're aware the current application states you must be year 7 (or any level after prestiging), we are currently open to people below this requirement to build up the team. If you think you staffing is for you, head over to the applications section, copy the template and create a thread with your completed application and we'll be in touch!

Take care everyone!
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