Hogwarts RP: Server Rules

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Hogwarts RP: Server Rules

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General Rules
  • Be kind and respectful to all players and staff.
  • Be sure to follow RP leaders direction (teachers, higher ups in Aurors/Death Eaters etc.).
  • The use of offensive or discriminatory language is NOT allowed.
  • Do NOT mic spam. This includes playing music, sound clips/boards, constantly making noise down the mic.
  • Do not beg or harass for spells. You get them in spell lessons (DADA, Charms, Wizardry). You will NOT get them through begging.
  • ERP is NOT allowed.
  • During Lockdown, you may NOT camp outside dorms, nor can Dark Forces enter them.
  • Names must be set to your own RP name, and not set to Lore characters or anything that's FailRP.
  • Do not freespell. Freespelling is the act of using spells without RP purpose. Movements spells, like walkspeeden and speedavec, do not count as freespelling as they are helping you move around quickly. Healing spells are also not freespelling. Any other spell used without an RP reason is Freespelling. A complete set of spells and if they class as freespelling or not can be found here: https://imperium-gaming.co.uk/spells
  • AFK farming or exploiting is not allowed.
  • Dark Forces (Death Eaters, Grand Death Eaters, Voldemort, Bellatrix, Barty Crouch Jr., Wormtail.) are not permitted out of the Dark Forest unless there is a Lockdown. Adept Death Eaters can leave but can not attend classes (so they cannot get homework or spells).
  • Students must attend all classes. If caught out of a lesson, they will be sent to detention (or Snatched).
  • “Revealing” is the act of showing your true nature. Snatchers do this when they attempt to, or do, try to snatch someone. Once they are revealed, they can be Killed On Sight.
  • Students cannot buy people from Snatchers.
  • White Apparition: May be used anywhere in the map EXCEPT within the school (do not Apparate inside the castle).
  • Black Apparition: Unless it is Lockdown, it may ONLY be used in the Dark Forest, or between the Dark Forest and the Quidditch Pitch. It is not allowed to be used anywhere else on the map.
  • Neither Apparition is allowed inside the castle. This includes corridors, classrooms, Great Hall etc.
  • Use Common Sense. There are a few rules that aren't explicitly mentioned here such as RDM - A lot of these rules are usually a given with any server, hence why we haven't put them in here. If you have any questions about rules that aren't explicitly mentioned speak to a staff member/experienced player. Please note: If you have a dispute with the rules not being shown clearly and you think you're being wrongly punished for something, please make sure you're calm about it. Shouting "it's not in the rules" will not help you achieve your plea.
Light Forces
  • You must defend the students and staff of the school.
  • You may wander the school but cannot be in active classes.
  • You can accompany students into the Dark Forest to defend from Dark Forces.
  • If you see Snatcher reveal themselves, you may stop them in any way you can.
  • You must listen to orders from people higher than you (listen to RP leaders)
Dark Forces
  • You must not leave the Dark Forest unless your job description allows it.
  • If any non-Dark Forces enter the Forest, you may Kill On Sight or kidnap them.
  • You must follow the orders from people higher than you (listen to RP leaders).
  • You may purchase from Snatchers.

These rules also apply to Horcruxes if snatching.
  • Snatchers may attend classes and participate in them if you have NOT revealed (but cannot get Homework or Spell Books).
  • Experienced Snatchers and the Snatchers Leader cannot attend classes or be in Hogwarts grounds (this means they cannot get spells or homework).
  • You cannot snatch from an active class.
  • During a Lockdown, you are considered a Dark Force.
  • Once you snatch someone, you need to take them to the Snatchers Headquarters and put them up for sale using /advert. The format is “/advert [Person] for sale. [Price]. If not sold within 4 minutes of the advert, you may kill them or release them. But you must not keep them past 4 minutes from the advert.
  • Once revealed, you may only attack people trying to stop you. Killing someone for no reason, even when revealed, is RDM.
  • When moving someone you have Snatched, you cannot use any form of flying (including apparition) or teleporting spells (like Obscuratio) as this makes it unfair because you cannot be caught and stopped.
  • You cannot sell to students.
Rogue Wizards

Please note: These rules only apply to jobs that are specified as Rogues (only certain custom jobs)
  • You may be in the school unless revealed.
  • As soon as you're revealed, you're treated as a Dark Force and may be KOS by students, Light Forces etc.
  • You may not enter active classes, even when not revealed.
  • During a Lockdown, you must side with either the Light or Dark Forces. You MUST use advert to say which side you're fighting for.
  • When Snatching you must abide by the Snatching rules.
Independent Forces
  • As an Independent Force, you can ally only with other Independent Forces.
  • You may work with other factions but are not bound to work with them.
  • You may not enter active classes, even when not revealed.
  • During Lockdown, you can kill anyone else but CANNOT ally with anyone. You must fight for survival by yourself.
  • If revealed as a Snatcher, you may be KOS and must retreat.
  • If you are caught harming, killing, or Snatching others, you are Revealed and can be KOS by all other factions.
  • If Snatching, you must follow the Snatchers rules.
  • Wilds may roam around the grounds, the Dark Forest, and Hogsmeade.
  • In the Dark Forest, Dark Forces may attack them.
  • Wilds may only attack if they're attacked first OR if threatened/provoked.
  • You may not enter active classes (except Care of Magical Creatures, as this is held outside)
  • During a Lockdown, you are treated the same as the Independent Forces and can attack anyone you wish.

The Snatcher Guide can be found at: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6
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