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Snatcher Guide

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"They weren't the brightest. One of them was definitely part troll, from the smell off him..."
Please follow the rules within this guide when playing as a Snatcher job! Failure to do so can result in warns and/or job bans from the Snatcher roles!
  • You cannot snatch from an active class, they must be out of the lesson before being snatched.
  • Once snatched, you must take them to the Snatcher's Hut ONLY to sell them, they cannot be sold elsewhere (unless to Voldemort, Bellatrix, Barty who can buy them from the Dark Forest entrance).
  • Whilst your victim is in the cuffs, you cannot use Apparition of Obscuratio to transport them. Doing so make it's impossible to stop and it's classed as FailRP.
  • Once at the Snatcher's Hut, you need to advert using the following template: /advert (Name) (Job) (Year) for sale for (Price).
  • For example "/advert Selling Reverb, Ravenclaw Prefect, Year 7 for sale for 30,000 Galleons". If not sold within 4 minutes of the advert, you may kill them or release them. But you must not keep them past 4 minutes from the advert.
  • The maximum price you can sell someone for is 70,000 Galleons.
  • If nobody buys your victim, you can either release them or kill them.
  • Once a target has been bought, released, or killed you CANNOT re-snatch them for at least another full class.
  • Once you pull your cuffs out or cast on someone, you have revealed yourself and can be Killed on Sight (KOS).
  • Snatchers must follow orders from Experienced Snatchers, and both must follow orders from the Snatcher Leader as they are your RP leader. Failure to listen to them in FailRP.
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