Ban Apeal

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Ban Apeal

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In-Game name:Jake Porker TM or Rhyss (not sure if you mean in game or rp)
Why you were banned:exploiting a bug and then using an alt
Ban length:7 days then perm
Who banned you:Jim Then Rafe
Why should we lower/or remove your ban?: Im not asking for a full unban just for it to get reduced to the 7 days as it was because i understand what i did was very wrong and sometimes me and a few others take things too far like constantly knocking on doors (< this is annoying) or saying things that are offensive to some people i think i could change if i get the chance but if you arent willing to give me that chance i can understand. Thank you for reading this
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Re: Ban Apeal

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It is the decision of the SMT that your PermaBan is to be revoked. Due to the nature of the original ban being one week, and the two offenses of using a VPN to circumvent the servers ban process using an alt account on x2 times. It is the decision of the SMT that your ban will be increased to One Month from this date.

Your new unban date is 03/07/21

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