08-02-21 - Potions System V2

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08-02-21 - Potions System V2

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Hello young wizards and witches. So for a while now, you may have noticed me doing a bit on the server. Well let's just say I was brewing up a treat for you all!
That's right. Potions System V2!

So the first one never came properly out of beta and I just stopped working on it... so I decided to revamp the whole thing!
We've now got:
• New Potions
• A new sleek UI that accompanies the cauldrons
• Different purchasable cauldron types
• A multitude of ingredients
• Custom animations + effects
• A new lockdown integrated system to add something to it
• Completely new way of setting up the teaching atmosphere
• New Potions Groupings
• New Ingredient Categorisation
• New Hogsmeade NPCs - Ceridwen's + Felicis Potions

Books/Potion Classes
Potions are now split up into 3 categories:
- Elementary - These will be relatively easy to learn and these can be brewed in Potions or in any other cauldron.
- Elaborate - These are a little harder and require a purchased cauldron (they will not show up in Class Cauldrons)
- Cynical - These potions tend to be a lot harder to brew and are quite 'dark' potions, consisting of poisons etc (they will not show up in Class Cauldrons)
You can buy these books in Felicis Potions in Hogsmeade

Teaching has also changed a little bit, you now get a UI as a Potions Teacher. If you type !selectpotion during Potions Class as the teacher, you'll be able to pick the potion the class will brew, it'll also spawn a little ingredients box on their desk along with updating the new Potions Board at the front of the class.

So the UI now composes of loads of different potions along with their brewing times and ingredients, the ingredients are also listed at the bottom of each UI along with the amount you have in that specific cauldron.

Cauldrons are split into 3 Purchasable Cauldron Types: Pewter, Brass, Copper:

Pewter is the weakest and subsequently potions will take longer to brew within this.
Brass is the normal strength for potions, meaning they'll brew at the average rate for most potioneers.
Copper is the most sturdy cauldron and potions take significantly shorter to brew
You can buy these at Ceridwen's Cauldrons in Hogsmeade

The Class Cauldron is not purchasable but does exist in the classrooms, it acts the same as the Brass Cauldron but can only brew Elementary Potions.

In order to make Lock Down a little more exciting rather than just an RDM fest, we've also added in a functional Potions Store that needs to be unlocked, now this is pretty easy to do but if you're being chased and battling a bunch of teachers, it's gonna be so much harder. The Potions Store contains Rare ingredients that you can't get elsewhere.

Anyway, find Creepy Sal to get started down this route.

Now ingredients cannot be picked up in Potions, nor can items be dragged betweeen Inventory and Trunk during the Potions Class, this is to prevent any ingredient taking rather than brewing.
The "Destroy" feature in inventories has now been removed to avoid griefing the boxes.

Common Ingredients you'll find around
Shop Ingredients you buy from Felicis Potions
Rare Ingredients you can get from the Potions Store in Lock Down

I also disabled the UI overheads for ingredients to make them harder to spot at first glance and make it a little cleaner around the map.

Hogsmeade Additional NPCs
As I mentioned above you can now get things from Ceridwen's and Felicis Potions!
Felicis Potions sell Rare Ingredients and Books whereas Ceridwen's sells... you got it! Cauldrons!

Inventory Support
Purchases from Felicis Potions or Ceridwen's (besides the book SWEPS) also go straight to your inventory.
Since the binding for picking up things went a little haywire, i've also added back the Ingredient Pickup SWEP to people.
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