Abigail Pitch's staff app

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Abigail Pitch's staff app

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In-Game Name:
Abigail Pitch

Netherlands (GMT +1)

Are you Year 7? (If not, do not apply):
I am currently 2nd prestiege, year 4

Have you been staff on a server before? If yes, please list them and what your rank was:
I have
Capital Community - Hogwarts rp:
Moderator for about 4 months
Game Maker for about 2 months

Skylines - Cinema:
Admin for 2 weeks -> Super Admin for 1 week -> Staff Manager for about 1 year

Imperium Gaming (Aurora at the time) - Hogwarts rp:
Moderator for about 3 months

Both Skylines and Capital Community don't exist anymore to my knowledge
My staff roles on Capital Community and Skylines were a couple of years ago, time of position might be off

Provide a definiton of what RDM is and how it occurs:
RDM stands for Random Death Match. RDM occurs when for example students learn a new attack spell and use it to kill fellow classmates on purpose. Another example is when someone kills a disguised dark force.

Provide a definition of what Metagaming is:
Metagaming is when someone uses in-game information, that their character wouldn't know, to gain an advantage. An example of metagaming would be someone advertising that a dark force is exposed. Another example of metagaming is someone using global chat to tell people they've been snatched and where they are.

Provide an example of FailRP:
FailRP is when you act in a way your character would never do. An example of FailRP would be Harry Potter joining Voldemort and attacking the school...unless it's for some event ;p

Provide a definition of Freespelling:
Freespelling is when you repeatedly use a spell without a valid rp reason. Spamming pells like purple firecrackers, lumos and stupefy can be considered freespelling outside the context of a teacher giving the class permission to use a spell they've just handed out.
Overal spamming spells that make a lot of noise and/or light could be considered freespelling.

Why do you want to be staff on the server? (50 words minimum):
I was a moderator on the server last year, which I really enjoyed. Unfortunately I got busy with school so I wasn't able to get on the server as much as I would've liked. I felt really guilty about this, to the point where I started avoiding getting on the server when I found a little spare time. After some time of inactivity I decided to resign, which was incredibly hard for me to do and I still feel bad about it.
Recently a friend got me to play on the server again and I've truly been loving playing here again; I made friends with quite a lot of new people. As I was playing I noticed I've been helping out players on auto-pilot, which has been feeling very rewarding.
I would love the chance to return to the staff team and promise to communicate better when my schedule doesn't allow me to get online as often as I'd like :)

Do you have a mic?:
Yes I do

Do you have any previous warnings? If so, why?:
I do not

Do you understand we are looking for active staff and you may be dropped if your activity is low?:
I absolutely understand

Any extra information you would like to give?:
Look forward to my Divination lessons :D
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Re: Abigail Pitch's staff app

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+1 From me she's kind she's helpful not too mention she knows all the rules and has plenty of past experience
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Re: Abigail Pitch's staff app

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Hi Abigail, thanks for reapplying! It was a shame you left previously but you did so for fair reasons. We'd love to have you back :)

Application: Accepted
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